Daily Use English Conversation Sentences at School or Classroom - 2

Let us learn Daily use English Conversation sentences at school or classroom about activities of Kids and Students. These can be used by teachers to train their students. These are part of Spoken English. Written English may be slightly different. You can learn English Grammar Correction of sentences to crack your School and College exams. You can download the PDF of this lesson by clicking Print and Save As PDF option in any browser.

Daily Use English Conversation Sentences at School or Classroom 2

Find daily-use English Conversation sentences at School or Classroom. Teachers can readily use these English phrases. You can change the subject, verb and the object of the sentence to suit your needs.

1. There will be Yoga class tomorrow. Do not come with tight clothes.

2. You should bring your own Yoga Mats. The school does not provide it for you.

3. Dear kids, uniforms are ready. Pay the amount and collect your uniforms without miss.

4. It is observed that some students are wearing wrinkled clothes. You should come to school in properly ironed or pressed clothes.

5. Today is Kiran's birthday. All of you wish him a Happy Birthday.

6. Suresh, what are you doing there under the table?

7. Madam, my pencil fell down. I am taking it.

8. Avinash, you kept your water bottle upside down. Water is getting leaked from the cap. Keep it normal.

9. Smart Bands and Watches are not allowed here in school. Class teachers should check for these things time to time.

10. Always wear neatly polished shoes. The socks should not be too loose.

11. Sir, the board is not visible. It is glossy.

12. The chalk is wet it seems. It got finished in no time.

13. There will be a parents meet tomorrow at 10am. All the students should come with their parents without miss.

14. Madam, I am not ready yet. (student to teacher)

15. Have a look at the board and note down the important points. (teacher to student)

16. Madam, our class children are very noisy. We are controlling them with much difficulty.

17. Sir, your children are well behaved. (teacher to parents)

18. Madam, your students do not talk much in the classroom. (teacher to teacher)

19. Tomorrow there is a photo session. All of you come in bright and colourful clothes. (teacher to all students)

20. Vamsi never panics.


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