Top 300+ Last Minute GSM Interview MCQ Questions and Answers

Find all MCQ Questions and Answers on GSM Telecommunication or Mobile Communication. It covers Mobile generations like 1G and 2G. In fact, 1G paved the way for 2G. Technologies like GSM, GPRS, and EDGE are part of GSM. AMPS, DAMPS, CDMA, WCDMA, LTE, LTE Advanced (LTE-A), and VoLTE are not part of GSM. Engineering students can easily clear their college exams and GSM Job Interviews after preparing this curated list of questions and answers.

Last Minute GSM Interview MCQ Questions and Answers

GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communication. It is a European standard developed by ETSI(European Telecommunications Standards Institute). GSM (2G) is a digital version of the 1G network existed earlier. There are so many frequency bands available for implementation of GSM network around the world. GPRS and EDGE are incorporated into the GSM network to provide data services.

The very first GSM call was made in Finland by it's Prime Minister using TeleNokia network in the year 1990. GSM uses separate frequency channels for Uplink and Downlink communication.

GSM Architecture comprises of three main parts namely Mobile Station(MS), BSS(BTS and BSC) and NSS(MSC, HLR, EIR, Auc etc). BSS consists of the Base Station Controller (BSC) and Base Transceiver Stations (BTS). NSS consists of Mobile Switching Center(MSC), VLR, HLR and other systems for security. Various interfaces are developed for communication among all these systems. Available frequency is divided into Timeslots for sharing of the single-frequency among many users. Timeslots are also called logical channels.

Important GSM Logical channels are BCCH, SDCCH, SACCH, TCH, PCH, CCH, RACH, AGCH etc.

GPRS(General Packet Radio Service) and EDGE (Enhanced Datarate for GSM Evolution) are the systems introduced in the GSM and GPRS architecture or structure to provide data services. The main parts of a GPRS system are SGSN, GGSN, PCU, CCU and CG.

Go through the below Last Minute GSM interview questions and answers to clear any interviews. These Multiple choice questions are useful for college exams too.

Generation 1G

1G Network Interview Questions
SNO Topic
1 1G Mobile Network - 1

Second Generation (2G) or GSM

2G GSM Network Interview Questions
SNO Topic
1 2G GSM History MCQs
2 2G GSM Cellular Frequency Bands MCQs
3 2G GSM Cell Types MCQs
4 2G GSM Structure Basics MCQs - 1
5 2G GSM Structure Basics MCQs - 2
6 2G GSM Structure Basics MCQs - 3
7 2G GSM Interfaces MCQs
8 2G GSM Channels, Types, Functions - 1
9 2G GSM Channels, Types, Functions - 2
10 2G GPRS Core Network Architecture - 1
11 GPRS Network Interfaces and Protocols


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