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Most of the Android Apps are free with either Bottom-Bar ads or Top-Bar ads. Top-Bar is also called a Header. Bottom-Bar is called a Footer. The place or space in between is called the Body.

Each Android Activity has a toolbar or Action Bar. On the Home screen, we may not see or need a Back-Button. But, on inner activities or screens, we need to show Back-Button arrow or Up button at the top-left position.

Every Android Activity has a Toolbar or Action-Bar supplied by default by the parent theme "Theme.AppCompat.Light.DarkActionBar". You can find it inside the "styles.xml" file.

Android Title Bar or ActionBar or Toolbar is the header of any screen in an App. We usually keep fixed title names to every Activity. Some times, it is necessary to change the title-text dynamically at runtime inside the Java code. Let us change the toolbar-text programmatically.

A GridLayout in Android places individual components in columns and rows just like a table. Let us know more about Android GridLayout that aligns columns with equal widths using Android Studio.

We are giving a List of Java Programs which are useful for Beginners and Advanced Java Programmers to sharpen their algorithm skills. These Java programs are often asked in interviews in part by part to test the problem-solving skills of students and experienced job seekers.

There are four popular number systems used in a programming world. They are Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal and Decimal(0 to 9) number systems. Let us find Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal equivalents of a Decimal number using a simple conversion process as demonstrated in this article.

An Array in Java is a collection of elements of same Data type<

Wordpress is a popular CMS (Content Management System) software that is being used by millions of Websites. Wordpress Comment Spam is very annoying for maintainers in the form of moderation.

A String in java is a collection of characters identified by a variable name. A character can be an Alphabet, Number, Symbol or a Punctuation. Let us find out the ASCII value of a String using a Java program.

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