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Portable Document Format or simply PDF files are the most used read only files to distribute Training Documents, Office Circulars and other Reports. PDF files sometimes contain Tabular Information in the form of Tables.

Letus learn C Programming Syntax Basics in this multipart tutorial which are useful for students in the last minute before exam. C Programming Language was invented by Dennis Ritchie in Bell Laboratories.

Any Web Project, Web App or Website is useless without any link to Backend Database. Static and Dynamic websites make the difference. These days, dynamic websites are common. Dynamic websites fetch data from backend database and display the data to the user.

Tomcat is a Web Server that can run Java Web Applications like Java Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), Java Expression Language and Java Websocket. Tomcat is a powerful production ready server that is used by many small, medium and big companies.

C is the very first programming language learned by any engineering or computer student. CPP or C++ is the next language in the row to be learnt. Students who want to become successful software engineers must learn C language to crack Job Exams and Interviews.

Java is almost a mandatory learning computer programming language by any engineering or diploma student. Learning Java in fact is the starting point of becoming a successful Android developer.