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Java Type Wrappers Basics Online Practice Test 1


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This ExamTray Free Online Test or Quiz or Trivia tests your Programming Skills on the basics of Java Type Wrapper Classes. This practice test displays answers after finishing the exam for review. You can easily clear Competitive Exams and Job Interview Questions. Students can learn Java basics.

Go through Java Theory Notes on Type Wrappers before attempting this test.

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1) What is a Type Wrapper or simply a Wrapper in Java?
2) Which primitive data types have wrapper classes available?
3) Choose the correct mapping of Primitive Data Types and Wrapper Classes below?
4) State TRUE or FALSE. Java primitive data types work faster compared to their Wrapper counter parts.
5) Which is the correct way of converting an int value to Integer in below Java code?
6) Which is the Superclass of Wrapper types like Byte, Short, Integer, Long, Float and Double?
7) Which are the methods a Wrapper class object can use in Java?
8) Which is the superclass of wrapper classes like Boolean and Character?
9) Are the sizes of float and Float same or different in Java?
10) Which are the constant fields available a Wrapper Class object in Java?
11) What is the output of the below Java code snippet on wrapper classes?
12) Choose the correct way of creating a Float wrapper object in Java?
13) Choose the correct way of comparing Wrapper objects in Java?
14) Choose the correct statement about Character wrapper class in Java?
15) Choose the correct statement about Boolean wrapper class in Java?
16) Which exception is thrown for trying to create Wrapper class objects with wrong number type?
17) What is the output of the below code snipper with Short class object?
Short sh = Short.valueOf(10);
18) Choose a correct statement about Type Casting using Wrapper class objects in Java?
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