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Java Programming Basics Online Test 2


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This examtray online test or quiz or exam tests your technical knowledge on Java Programming History, Evolution and Basics questions. You can easily attend Interviews and Lab Exams.

Go through Java Basic Theory Notes before attempting this test.

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1) What does JVM stands for?
2) What is JVM ?
3) When was first Version of Java i.e Java 1.0 was released?
4) What is Portability offered by Java language?
5) What is JIT in Java?
6) Choose the correct statement about Java?
7) What happens in the absence of JIT Compiler in Java?
8) What are the main Distribution types of Java Software?
9) What is the Java distribution type used to build Web Apps in Java?
10) What is LTS mentioned along with Java Version names like Java SE 11 LTS?
11) What is Ahead of Time Compiler in Java?
12) What is the Java command used to compile a java program from Command Line or Command Prompt or CMD?
13) What is the command used to Run a Java program form Command Line or Command Prompt or CMD?
14) What is a Java Editor?
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