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Java Online Test on Basic Program Structure and Syntax


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This online test/quiz/exam tests your Java technical knowledge on basic program structure like Syntax. Easily attend Job interviews after practising tests.

Go through Java Basic Theory Notes on Program Structure before attempting this test.

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1) Every statement in Java language should end with a?
2) A function in C language is similar to what in Java language?
3) All methods and variables in Java language are kept inside a?
4) What is the need to mention "static" before main method?
5) In standalone Java applications, which method is mandatory?
6) What is the use of Access modifier "pubic" in Java language?
7) Choose a Single Line Comment in Java Language below?
8) Choose a multiline comment in Java language below?
String args[] in main method are used for?
public static void main(String args[])
10) What is the default return type of a method in Java language?
11) Name of a Class, Variable, Method or an Interface in Java language is called?
12) A valid identifier in Java language may contain which characters?
13) A valid Identifier or name in Java language can start with which character?
14) What are the valid White Spaces available in Java language?
15) Choose a correct version of Java Documentation Comment?
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