General Knowledge Questions and Answers - Sobriquets 1

1) Which city is called as Pink City.
A) Hyderabad
B) Vadodara
C) Chennai
D) Jaipur
Answer [=]
2) Laos is also called as_____________.
A) Land of white Elephant
B) Land of Thousand Elephants
C) Land of Hundred Elephants
D) Land of Thousand Lakes
Answer [=]
3) Chicago city is also called as__________.
A) Eternal City
B) Cold City
C) Windy City
D) Rainy City
Answer [=]
4) Which Place is also called as Land of Rising Sun.
A) Taiwan
B) India
C) Japan
D) China
Answer [=]
5) Africa is also called as_____.
A) Dark Continent
B) Blue Continent
C) Black Continent
D) Largest Continet
Answer [=]
6) New York City also called as___________.
A) Empire City
B) Eternal City
C) Electronic City
D) Oceans' City
Answer [=]
7) Scotland is also called as_______.
A) Land of Animals
B) Land of Pizza's
C) Land of Ice-Creams
D) Land of Cakes
Answer [=]
8) Which place is also called as Holy Land.
A) Malaysia
B) Mecca
C) Jerusalem
D) Vatican City
Answer [=]
9) Stockholm is also called as _____________.
A) Venice of the West
B) Venice of the North
C) Venice of the South
D) Venice of the East
Answer [=]
10) Which City is also called as 'City of Golden Gate'.
A) San Francisco
B) Venice
C) Brazil
D) San Leandro
Answer [=]