General Knowledge Questions and Answers - Sobriquets 1

General Knowledge Questions

Study and Learn General Knowledge Questions and Answers on Geographical Sobriquets like Nicknames of Cities and Countries around the world.

1) Which city is called as Pink City.
A) Hyderabad
B) Vadodara
C) Chennai
D) Jaipur
Answer [=]
2) What is the Surname of Punjab.
A) Electronic City
B) Land of Five Rivers
C) Land of Seven Rivers
D) Land of Three Rivers
Answer [=]
3) 'Hwang Ho' River is also called as________.
A) Japan's Sorrow
B) China's Sorrow
C) Bhutan's Sorrow
D) South Korea's Sorrow
Answer [=]
4) Which place is also called as Sugar bowl of the World.
A) Mexico
B) Japan
C) Jamaica
D) Cuba
Answer [=]
5) Kolkata is also called as_________.
A) City of Palaces
B) City of Fishes
C) City of Rivers
D) Gateway of India
Answer [=]
6) Which River called as Bengal's Sorrow.
A) Mahananda River
B) Hooghly River
C) Damodar River
D) Teesta River
Answer [=]
7) Which place also called as Blue Mountains.
A) Kangchenjunga
B) Anamudi
C) Nilgiri Hills
D) Guru Shikhar
Answer [=]

8) Rome City is also called as______.
A) City of Seven Hills
B) City of Eight Hills
C) City of Five Hills
D) Beautiful City
Answer [=]
9) Which place is also called as Gift of the Nile.
A) Sudan
B) Mecca
C) Libya
D) Egypt
Answer [=]
10) Laos is also called as_____________.
A) Land of white Elephant
B) Land of Thousand Elephants
C) Land of Hundred Elephants
D) Land of Thousand Lakes
Answer [=]
11) Chicago city is also called as__________.
A) Eternal City
B) Cold City
C) Windy City
D) Rainy City
Answer [=]
12) Which Place is also called as Land of Rising Sun.
A) Taiwan
B) India
C) Japan
D) China
Answer [=]
13) Africa is also called as_____.
A) Dark Continent
B) Blue Continent
C) Black Continent
D) Largest Continet
Answer [=]
14) New York City also called as___________.
A) Empire City
B) Eternal City
C) Electronic City
D) Oceans' City
Answer [=]

15) Scotland is also called as_______.
A) Land of Animals
B) Land of Pizza's
C) Land of Ice-Creams
D) Land of Cakes
Answer [=]
16) Which place is also called as Holy Land.
A) Malaysia
B) Mecca
C) Jerusalem
D) Vatican City
Answer [=]
17) Stockholm is also called as _____________.
A) Venice of the West
B) Venice of the North
C) Venice of the South
D) Venice of the East
Answer [=]
18) Which City is also called as 'City of Golden Gate'.
A) San Francisco
B) Venice
C) Brazil
D) San Leandro
Answer [=]
19) Which Mountain is also called as Roof of the World.
A) Kangchenjunga
B) Mt Kilimanjaro
C) The Pamirs
D) Mount Kinabalu
Answer [=]
20) Which place is also called as 'Playground of Europe'.
A) Switzerland
B) England
C) Australia
D) Scotland
Answer [=]



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