500+ MCQ Questions and Answers on AADHAAR Supervisor or Operator Certification in English

UIDAI Certification Exam Questions for Supervisors and Operators

UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) Aadhaar enrollment centres allow creation and modification of Aadhaar Number database. Aadhaar number is unique and it can not be duplicated. Supervisors or Operators working in Aadhaar Enrollment Centres are responsible for entering particulars of individuals. So they should acquire a qualifying Certificate by attending an Online Exam. Study these 500 MCQ Questions and Answers given chapter wise before attending the test. You can download these questions in PDF format using the "Print to PDF" option in any web browser.

Individuals can approach any Aadhaar centre anywhere in India for fresh creation or changes to his Aadhaar number.

500 MCQ Questions and Answers for Aadhaar Supervisor/Operator Certification Exam

Chapter Link Description
Chapter 1 Introduction to UIDAI and Aadhaar
Chapter 2 Registrars, Enrolling Agencies and Enrolment Staff
Chapter 3 On-Boarding Enrolment Agency and Enrolment Staff
Chapter 4 Aadhaar Enrolment / Update Process
Chapter 5 Capturing Demographic and Biometric Details
Chapter 6 Exception Handling
Chapter 7 Guidelines for Enrolment Operator and Supervisor on Quality of Enrolment
Chapter 8 Offences and Penalties
Chapter 9 Guidelines for the Enrolment Staff to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Avoid Fraud

How to apply for a slot to attend the Certification Exam

  1. At present, M/s NSEIT is conducting Online Tests for candidates.
  2. Candidate should download, print and produce his latest e-Aadhaar.
  3. This exam is for Enrolment Supervisor/Operator and CELC Operator.
  4. Candidate should visit NSEIT Portal, choose an exam centre and Schedule the exam.
  5. For Fresh Test or First Time Test, an exam fee of Rs.470.82(including GST) is charged. For Retest or tests taken for subsequent times because of failures, an exam fee of Rs. 235.41(Including GST) is charged.

For full information, you may visit UIDAI Portal.



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