Aadhaar Training Certification Exam Questions on 5. Capturing Demographic and Biometric Details

Aadhaar Training Certification Exam Questions

Study these UIDAI Aadhaar training certification exam questions and answers. It covers Chapter 5: Capturing Demographic and Biometric Details in MCQ printable pdf format. In Google Chrome Browser, click print and choose Save As PDF option.

Q1. Record date of birth of the resident, indicating day, month and ___________ in the relevant field.

A) Initial
B) Surname
C) Year
D) Name

Q2. If two documentary proofs produced by the enrollee have variation in the same name, the enrollee’s ___________ should be recorded.

A) Surname
B) Father's name
C) Full name
D) Preferred name
Full name

Q3. ____________ has to be recorded by the Enrolment Agency as declared by the enrollee in the box provided by recording Male, Female or Transgender.

A) Date of Birth
B) Gender
C) Residential address
D) Fingerprint

Q4. For rural areas, which of the following fields can be left blank while recording the residential address?

A) Address line 1
B) Address line 2
C) Pin Code
D) State
Address line 2

Q5. Which of the following details should be entered in the address line 4 of the residential address?

A) Building or house number
B) Street name
C) Landmark
D) Pin Code

Q6. Which of the following is used to retrieve pre-enrolment data?

A) Pre-enrolment ID
B) One time password
C) Resident's name
D) Aadhaar ID
Pre-enrolment ID

Q7. Name of the village/town/city (VTC) and Post Office field gets automatically populated when _______________ of the region is entered.

A) House number
B) Mandal
C) Mobile number
D) Pin Code
Pin Code

Q8. Which of the following will you do when a resident is unable to provide the exact date of birth?

A) Leave the field blank
B) Enter the resident's zodiac sign
C) Enter the age as mentioned by the resident
D) Enter the year of birth
Enter the age as mentioned by the resident

Q9. The _______________ must ensure that every operator has a copy of the critical points to be reviewed at the station during the review.

A) Enrolling Agency Supervisor
B) Introducer
C) Nodal officer
D) Resident
Enrolling Agency Supervisor

Q10. Operator needs to sign off every enrolment by providing their fingerprint and or ______________.

A) Mobile number
B) Signature
C) Iris
D) Original POI documents

Q11. Which of the following fields will be activated in case of Introducer-based verification?

A) Biometric
B) Introducer or HOF
C) Address
Introducer or HOF

Q12. Enrolment Agencies must use Biometric Devices certified by ___________ for capturing Biometric data.


Q13. For fingerprint capture, the fingers have to be positioned correctly on the __________ to enable capture.

A) Paper
B) Ink pad
C) Platen
D) Fingerprinti ng pads

Q14. Fingerprints are best captured in standing position.


Q15. For capturing facial image, ______________ of the enrollee needs to be captured.

A) Frontal pose
B) Side pose
C) Any comfortable pose
D) All the given options
Frontal pose

Q16. It is difficult for human operators to analyse and recognise face images with __________________.

A) Poor focus
B) Poor expression
C) Poor illumination
D) Poor accessories
Poor illumination

Q17. If the person normally wears glasses, it is recommended that the photograph be taken _______________.

A) With glasses
B) Without glasses
C) Only eye ball
D) None of the given options
With glasses

Q18. While capturing facial image, use of _____________ that cover any region of the face is not permitted.

A) Lighting
B) Make-up
C) Accessories
D) Illumination

Q19. To capture iris, ________________ will handle the capture device.

A) Operator
B) Enrollee
C) Nodal officer
D) EA supervisor

Q20. The iris capture procedure is sensitive to ___________ light.

A) Illumination
B) Ambient
C) Side
D) Tube

Q21. Accessories like ______________ are allowed due to religious reasons while capturing facial image.

A) Eye patches
B) Lens
C) Turban
D) Glasses

Q22. For fingerprint capture, use the ______________ on fingerprint devices for positioning of fingers.

A) Cloth provided
B) Bars
C) Light
D) Indicators

Q23. Pre-enrolment data will get populated in the respective fields when you enter the ___________________.

A) Name
B) Gender
C) Pre-enrolment ID
D) Date of birth
Pre-enrolment ID

Q24. If verification type is Introducer-based, _______________ of the Introducer has to be recorded.

A) Aadhaar card number
B) Name and UID
C) Facial image
D) Thumb impressions of both hands
Name and UID

Q25. _______________ sign off is activated in the software in case of biometric exceptions.

A) Supervisor’s
B) Operator's
C) Introducer's
D) Registrar's

Q26. To capture _________, the capture device should use auto focus and auto capture functions.

A) Fingerprint
B) Facial image
C) Iris
D) None of the given options
Facial image

Q27. Accessories like ______________ are allowed due to medical reasons while capturing facial image.

A) Turban
B) Fringes
C) Eye patches
D) Make-up
Eye patches

Q28. If the significant part of iris is not visible in iris capture, the feedback provided by software is called ___________________.

A) Illumination
B) Gaze incorrect
C) Pupil dilation
D) Occlusion

Q29. For a child below 5 years, the biometric of linked ___________ has to be captured.

A) Operator
B) Parent or relative
C) Birth certificate
D) None of the given options
Parent or relative

Q30. To clean the platen of the fingerprint device, use ___________ cloth periodically.

A) Denim
B) Lint-free cloth
C) Flannel cloth
D) Fur
Lint-free cloth

Q31. There should not be __________________ on the platen while capturing fingerprints.

A) Proper conditions
B) Sufficient light
C) Shadow of the operator
D) Direct light shining
Direct light shining

Q32. Ensure that the fingers are placed ____________ is placed well on the scanner.

A) Straight and tip of the finger
B) Flat and till the top joint of the finger
C) Diagonally and cloth
D) None of the given options
Flat and till the top joint of the finger

Q33. Fingers not positioned correctly is a/an ____________.

A) Automatic capture
B) Actionable feedback by software
C) Smudged fingerprint
D) Enrollee position
Actionable feedback by software

Q34. During facial image capture, the focus of the capture device should not suffer from _________________.

A) Motion blur or radial distortion
B) Over or under exposure
C) Unnatural coloured lighting
D) All of the given
All of the given

Q35. If the resident declares the date of birth without any documentary evidence, you need to record date of birth and __________________.

A) Check the "Verified" box
B) Should not check the "Verified" box
C) Enter the date manually
D) Approximat e the age
Should not check the "Verified" box

Q36. To record the gender of an applicant as 'Male', you need to select ___________ letter from the box provided.

A) M
B) F
C) T
D) None of the given options

Q37. ___________________ needs to be captured in address line 5 of the residential address.

A) C/o person's name
B) Building number
C) Landmark
D) Mohalla/ Locality/ Post
Mohalla/ Locality/ Post

Q38. Registrar/EA should ensure beforehand that the Pin Numbers of the region in which enrolment is to be carried out are completely and correctly captured in _____________________.

A) Software PIN Master
B) Pre-enrolment ID
D) Proof of Address
Software PIN Master

Q39. ___________ used for facial image capture should be switched off during iris capture.

A) Table fan
B) Table light
C) Auto focus
D) Mobile phone
Table light

Q40. Poor illumination has a high impact on the performance of ________________.

A) Retrieving pre enrolment ID
B) Fingerprint capture
C) Iris capture
D) Face recognition
Face recognition

Q41. To capture facial image of a child, it is acceptable that the child ________________.

A) Can be captured along with the parent's face
B) Can sit on parents' lap without capturing parent's facial image
C) Sleeps on the bed if available
D) Stands on the enrolling table so that fingerprints can be captured at least
Can sit on parents' lap without capturing parent's facial image

Q42. _________________ needs to be checked for any capture that fails.

A) Actionable feedback
B) Automatic capture
C) Smudged fingerprint
D) Accessories
Actionable feedback

Q43. Iris pattern of each eye is not correlated and gives ___________ biometric feature sets.

A) One unique
B) Two independent
C) Three dependent
D) None of the given options
Two independent

Q44. If the resident is looking away while capturing Iris, the actionable feedback given by software is ____________.

A) Occlusion
B) Pupil dilation
C) Gaze incorrect
D) Iris not in focus
Gaze incorrect

Q45. The ____________ document produced by an individual needs to be verified before recording the residential address in case of document-based verification.

A) Date of Birth
B) Proof of address
C) Proof of identity
D) Caste Certificate
Proof of address

Q46. If the actionable feedback given by software is 'Pose', then the yaw angle in output image is greater than __________________.

A) 12.7 degrees
B) 10.3 degrees
C) 11.5 degrees
D) 13.8 degrees
11.5 degrees

Q47. ________________ from the following is/are best captured in standing position.

A) Iris
B) Facial image
C) Fingerprint
D) Palm print

Q48. An initial _______________ to provide feedback to the operator during the capture procedure.

A) Automatic capture will be taken
B) Image quality assessment would be done
C) Image effects will be suggested
D) Actionable feedback by software will be provided
Image quality assessment would be done

Q49. To instruct the resident to open the eyes wide for IRIS scan, the operator can even tell the resident to _________________.

A) Smile
B) Look diagonally
C) Look angry
D) Look above
Look angry

Q50. If verification type is Documents-based, appropriate ____________ document(s) is/are to be selected from the drop down depending on the document produced by the resident and verified by the verifier.

A) Proof of identity
B) Proof of address
C) Both (1) and (2)
Both (1) and (2)

Q51. If the resident possesses ______________, then the receipt number should be recorded in the field. Else mark as N/A.

A) Pre-enrolment ID
B) Gender receipt
C) DoB certificate
D) NPR receipt
NPR receipt

Q52. Although any fingerprint is OK, but it is advisable to use either _______________ of either hand for sign off.

A) Iris and facial image
B) Thumb or index finger
C) Baby finger or ring finger
D) Two thumbs
Thumb or index finger

Q53. Introducer needs to give his or her _____________ for approved records.

A) Signature
B) Iris
C) Facial image
D) Fingerprint

Q54. Enrolment Agencies must use Biometric devices certified by ____________ for capturing biometric data.

C) Enrolment stations

Q55. Check the fingerprint devices periodically for ______________ getting captured.

A) Scratches
B) Out of focus images
C) Only partial images
D) All of the given
All of the given

Q56. To capture facial image, the capture device should use _____________________ functions.

A) Cropping
B) Auto focus and auto-capture
C) Change shape
D) Maximum number of captures
Auto focus and auto-capture

Q57. When image quality is Pass or if maximum number of captures is exhausted while capturing facial image, the operator should __________________.

A) Change the camera
B) Collect the passport size photo of the enrollee
C) Ask the enrollee to take a selfie
D) Move on to the next step
Move on to the next step

Q58. The name of the person should be entered ___________ in the field provided for name.

A) With titles
B) With salutations
C) In full
D) All of the given
In full

Q59. If two documentary proofs produced by the enrollee have variation in the same name with initials and full name, the _____________ should be recorded.

A) Enrolling agency's fingerprint
B) Enrollee's full name
C) Registrar's thumb impression
D) Operator's iris
Enrollee's full name

Q60. The ______________ to local language needs to be manually corrected due to phonetics and other reasons.

A) Transliteration
B) Postal Index Number Code
D) Enrolment ID

Q61. During review of enrolment data with resident, operator must read out _________________ to the resident before the operator finishes the enrolment.

A) Spelling of resident's name
B) Date of birth
C) Address including Pin Code, building, VTC, state
D) All of the given
All of the given

Q62. Identify the order of capturing fingerprints. I. Two thumbs II. All four fingers of left hand III.All four fingers of right hand

A) III, II and I
B) II, III and I
C) I, II and III
D) Any order
II, III and I

Q63. During iris capture, operator must instruct the resident to ___________________.

A) Look straight into the camera
B) Open the eyes wide
C) Do not blink
D) All of the given options
All of the given options

Q64. If a document furnished by a resident is not in the drop down list of Proof of Identity in enrolment, then it is not an acceptable Proof of Identity document and the resident would either require a valid Proof of Identity or ____________ for enrolment in such case.

A) An introducer
B) Proof of address
C) Certificate signed by gazetted officer
D) A supervisor
An introducer

Q65. In case of difference in the name declared and the one in POI document, the name as declared by the resident may be recorded by the Enrolment Agency, if ____________________

A) The enrollee seems to be true to himself
B) The difference is only in spelling and/or last name to be written prior to first name
C) The resident has lost all his original documents
The difference is only in spelling and/or last name to be written prior to first name

Q66. In the case of child below 5 years, the ___________ of parent/relative has to be linked and preferably _________ if both the parents are alive.

A) EID/UID, mother
B) Aadhaar number, father
C) Pre-enrolment ID, guardian
D) CIDR PIN, father
EID/UID, mother

Q67. If the child’s father or mother or guardian has/have not enrolled and/or do/does not possess UID at the time of enrolment, the enrolment of that child ___________.

A) Can be done with recommendation from Nodal officer
B) Cannot be done
C) Can be done by providing proof of identity of the parents
D) Needs to be done by the Registrar
Cannot be done

Q68. The Enrolment Agency shall inform the resident that his or her demographic and biometric information shall be used for generation of _________________.

A) Biometric access at workplace
B) Passport and PAN
C) Aadhaar and authentication
D) Bank accounts and CIBIL score
Aadhaar and authentication

Q69. When fingerprint capture fails, the operator should check which of the following actionable feedback is provided by the software?

A) Finger not positioned correctly
B) Too much pressure
C) Excessive moisture and excessive dryness
D) All of the given
All of the given

Q70. In case of additional fingers while capturing fingerprint, the additional finger has to be _________________.

A) Captured and framed
B) Capture the additional finger separately and mention in the Others column of the drop down menu
C) Ignored and the main five fingers have to be captured
D) Use the other hand in place of the additional finger or foot impression
Ignored and the main five fingers have to be captured


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