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C Programming Basics 1


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This ExamTray free online exams tests your knowledge on C Programming Basics. Go through C Theory Notes on Basics before attempting the quiz.

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1) Who invented C Language.?
2) C Language is a successor to which language.?
3) C is a which level language.?
4) Low level language is .?
5) High level language is a .?
6) Which program outputs "Hello World.." .?
7) C is _______ type of programming language.?
8) What is the present C Language Standard.?
9) What are the new features of C11 or ISO IEC 9899 2011 standard.?
10) C language was invented in which laboratories.?
11) BCPL Language is also called..?
12) C language was invented to develop which Operating System.?
13) C language was invented in the year.?
14) C language is used in the development of .?
15) A C program is a combination of.?



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