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Tutorial - C Programming Bitwise Operators Online Test 1


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This ExamTray Free Online Exam or MCQ Quiz tests your knowledge on C Bitwise Operators. Examples are given as questions and answers. Easily Attend Competitive Exams and Job Interview Questions.

Go through C Theory Notes on Bitwise Operators before taking this test.

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1) What are Nibble, Word and Byte in computer language.?
2) Choose correct representation of Decimal number in Binary.
3) What is the operator used to make 1's One's compliment.?
4) What is the result of 0110 & 1100.?
5) What is the output of Bitwise OR operation | on (0110 | 1100).?
6) What is the output of Exclusive OR ^ operator on 0110^1000.?
7) What is the output of Left Shift Operator << on (00011000<<2).?
8) What is the result of Right Shift Operator >> on (00110000>>2).?
9) Choose correct statement about Left Shift Operator << .?
10) Choose a correct statement about Right Shift Operator >> .?
11) What is a Single Operand Operator below.?
12) What is the Bitwise operator used to set a particular bit value to 1.?
13) What is the Bitwise operator used set a particular bit to Zero 0.?
14) Which is Bit Toggling operator below.?
15) Which is the format specifier used to prefix 0x and print a number in hexadecimal notation.?
16) Left Shift operation is equivalent to.?
17) Right Shift operation >> is equivalent to .?
18) What is the minimum and maximum values in Octal Number System.?
19) What number system is not understood by C language compiler directly.?
20) Choose a correct statement about C Bitwise operators.?
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