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C Tutorial - C Program Build Process Online Test


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This ExamTray Free Online Exam or MCQ Quiz tests your C Program Build Process with Preprocessing, Compiling, Assembling and Linking. Examples are given as questions and answers. Easily Attend Competitive Exams and Job Interview Questions.

Go through C Theory Notes on Build Process before taking this test.

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1) What is the input file in a C program building process.?
2) What is the output Filename of C Program build process.?
3) What is the first step in C program building process.?
4) What is the next step to Preprocessing in C Program build process.?
5) What is the next step to Compiling in C program build process.?
6) What is the next step to Assembling in C program build process.?
7) What is a C Editor.?
8) What is the output of C Compiler compiling.?
9) Expanded Source code is the output of which C program building process.?
10) Choose a correct statement about C program output file.?
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