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Dussehra or Navratri Quiz in English

Dussehra Story Quiz


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Take this free Quiz or Trivia on Dussehra or Navratri Festival story in English. Dussehra represents the victory of good over bad.

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1) Dussehra festival comes in which month?
2) Dussehra festival comes in which day of the month?
3) Dussehra festival is a symbol of?
4) Vijayadasami festival is celebrated after the killing of which demon by Durga Devi?
5) Vijayadasami represents the victory of whom during Mahabharat time?
6) Ramlila is a?
7) How many heads does Ravanasura have?
8) Who can not kill Ranavasura according to the Boon (varam) given by Brahma?
9) What is the number of Avatar of Lord Vishnu as Rama?

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