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Holi Festival of Colours Facts Quiz - 1

Holi Facts Quiz


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Holi, an Indian Festival is the festival of colours. People celebrate Holi with colours and water for fun. Let us know the history and facts about the Holi Festival. Hindus celebrate Holi in India and other countries.

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1) Holi Festival is also known as.?
2) What is the demon that was burnt that lead to the Festival Holi.?
3) Which day is Chhoti Holi.?
4) What are the other names for Holi.?
5) What is the other country that celebrates the Indian Festival Holi.?
6) Holika is the sister of which demon king.?
7) Holi is celebrated in which Hindu Month.?
8) What are the natural colours used for Holi in olden days.?
9) What was the plot of Devil Holika.?
10) Who saves Prahlada caught inside fire with pyre.?

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