Daily Use English Conversation Sentences at School or Classroom - 3

Let us learn Daily use English Conversation sentences at school or classroom about activities of Kids and Students. These can be used by teachers to train their students. These are part of Spoken English. Written English may be slightly different. You can learn English Grammar Correction of sentences to crack your School and College exams. You can download the PDF of this lesson by clicking Print and Save As PDF option in any browser.

Daily Use English Conversation Sentences at School or Classroom 3

Find daily-use English Conversation sentences at School or Classroom. Teachers can readily use these English phrases. You can change the subject, verb and the object of the sentence to suit your needs.

1. Teachers should judge the students fairly. (Principal to teachers)

2. Vaibhav talks a lot.

3. Don't turn your heads. No mischievous things when writing exam. (Teacher to students)

4. Read the questions carefully and start writing the answers. (Teacher to students)

5. He is counting.

6. When this basket is full, take another one.

7. Someone is waiting outside classroom.

8. When Sushant can do, you can also do. (Teacher to students)

9. Students should finish their lunch by 1.30pm, no matter when they will start.

10. You should be proud of your marks or achievements.

11. Students, can you draw a bicycle?

12. Karan, where is your house? How far is it from our school?

13. Rao sir is on the second floor.

14. Are you not hungry? Why are you not eating?

15. There is little ink left in the pen. I should check my bag for another pen.

16. Madam, my father bought a pocket dictionary for me. I am very happy. (Student to teacher)

17. Students, fill this basket with red balls first. Then go to the second basket filling green balls.

18. Can you switch off the Fan till this paper cutting work is over? (Teacher to a student)

19. Whose books are these?

20. Who else are yet to get chocolates? (Teacher to students)

21. Do you like watching TV?

22. Your friend Sourya did not have breakfast today. Can we offer him anything to eat? (Teacher to students)

23. Madam, my dog follows me daily till the school. (Student to teacher)

24. Madam, can you lend that booke to me. I can't afford to buy it. (Student to teacher)

25. My mother gave me Ten rupees today. I will buy and eat an ice cream in the evening.


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