General English Grammar MCQ Questions and Answers 7

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1) Synonym of Heyday ?
A) Bad Day
B) Time for great success
C) Normal day
D) None of these
Answer [=]
2) Synonym of Imbue ?
A) To inspire
B) To discourage
C) To run
D) To borrow
Answer [=]
3) Synonym of Obese ?
A) Heavy headed
B) Slim
C) Fat
D) Observe
Answer [=]
4) Synonym of Novice ?
A) Old timer
B) dump
C) Beginner
D) None of these
Answer [=]
5) Synonym of Tender ?
A) Buy
B) Big
C) Old
D) Offer
Answer [=]
6) Antonym of Zeal ?
A) Eager
B) Apathy
C) Anger
D) Closing
Answer [=]
7) Antonym of Wrench ?
A) Strain
B) Pull
C) Push
D) Twist
Answer [=]

8) Antonym of Unbridled ?
A) Checked
B) Anandoned
C) Intemperate
D) Raw
Answer [=]
9) Antonym of Quality ?
A) Positive
B) Good
C) Inferiority
D) Rarity
Answer [=]
10) Antonym of Remiss ?
A) Mindful
B) Negligent
C) Careless
D) Lazy
Answer [=]
11) Antonym of Maverick ?
A) Rebel
B) Moderate
C) Dissenter
D) Bohemian
Answer [=]
12) Antonym of Conglomerate ?
A) Varied
B) Mixed
C) Assorted
D) Similar
Answer [=]
13) Antonym of Censor ?
A) Add
B) Delete
C) Edit
D) Control
Answer [=]
14) Antonym of Churl ?
A) Boor
B) Soft person
C) Rough
D) Rustic
Answer [=]

15) Antonym of Bask ?
A) Cover
B) Laze
C) Loll
D) Lounge
Answer [=]
16) Antonym of Abrasive ?
A) Nasty
B) Sharp
C) Mild
D) Hurtful
Answer [=]
17) He aims _____ at passing this test.
A) on
B) at
C) with
D) upon
Answer [=]
18) It came ____ his head to appear for the examination.
A) for
B) on
C) with
D) into
Answer [=]
19) He fell ____ the horse ___ a canal.
A) off, into
B) off, to
C) of, into
D) into, off
Answer [=]
20) He was leaning ____ the post.
A) with
B) against
C) to
D) about
Answer [=]



General English Questions

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