General English Grammar Questions and Answers 1

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1) Meaning of "Chicken Feed".
A) A very small money
B) A huge money
C) Food for thought
D) None of these
Answer [=]
2) Meaning of "Cost an Arm and a Leg"
A) War hero
B) Very expensive
C) Scene in battle field
D) Very cheap
Answer [=]
3) Meaning of "Fly by night"
A) Night journey
B) A Bird busy in night
C) Cat's eye
D) Swindler
Answer [=]

Fraudulently cheat someone and take money

4) Synonym of Exhort
A) Weak Plea
B) To urge strongly
C) Beg
D) Borrow
Answer [=]
5) Antonym of Blunt
A) Easy
B) Lazy
C) Sharp
D) Speedy
Answer [=]
6) Antonym of Brave
A) Achieve
B) Gain
C) Give
D) Cowardly
Answer [=]
7) Synonym of Abjure
A) To give
B) To take back
C) Happy
D) Sorry
Answer [=]

8) Synonym of Abrogate
A) Create
B) Run
C) Fascinate
D) Abolish
Answer [=]
9) Unfortunately, he_______ a lot of money to the bank.
A) Borrowed
B) Owed
C) Deposited
D) Lent
Answer [=]
10) I ______ the apartment all day yesterday.
A) Clear
B) Washed out
C) Cleaned Up
D) None of these
Answer [=]
11) Choose the word spelt correctly.
A) Maxculine
B) Massculine
C) Masculine
D) Macsculine
Answer [=]
12) Choose the word spelt correctly.
A) Begining
B) Beginning
C) Beignning
D) Begininng
Answer [=]
13) Choose the word spelt correctly.
A) Ambulance
B) Ambulence
C) Ambulancs
D) Ambalence
Answer [=]
14) Choose the word spelt correctly.
A) Criticice
B) Criticael
C) Criticise
D) Criticese
Answer [=]

15) Choose the word spelt correctly.
A) Substandial
B) Substantial
C) Substential
D) Substendial
Answer [=]
16) Synonym of Botch.
A) Positive Effort
B) Blessing
C) Mild
D) Clumsy Effort
Answer [=]
17) Synonym of Brusque.
A) Polite
B) Curt
C) Speed
D) Enjoyu
Answer [=]

Rudely brief.

18) Synonym of Chagrin.
A) Delight
B) Levy
C) Vexation
D) Give up
Answer [=]

The state of being frustrated.

19) Synonym of Congruent.
A) Of different shape
B) Of the same shape
C) Salute
D) Dispose
Answer [=]

In agreement.

20) Synonym of Copious.
A) Less
B) Good
C) Discourage
D) Plenty
Answer [=]



General English Questions

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