Daily Use English Conversation Sentences at Home - Part 1

Let us learn Dialy use English Conversation sentences at home. These are useful for your Kids and Beginners. These Example English sentences can be used at Home or House with your family members, Friends and Guests. These are part of Spoken English. Written English may be slightly different. You can learn English Grammar Correction of sentences to crack your School and College exams. You can download the PDF of this lesson by clicking Print and Save As PDF option in any browser.

Daily Use English Conversation Sentences at Home

Find daily-use English Conversation sentences at Home or House below. You can change the subject, verb and the object of the sentence to suit your needs.

1. Please come inside. (Inviting a guest or friend)

2. Let us go inside.

3. There are mosquitoes outside. Go and play inside the home. (Telling kids)

4. It is dark outside. Let me switch on the light.

5. The Calling Bell is not working past two days.

6. There are dogs inside. Do not open the Gate. (Telling with friends)

7. The gate is locked. No one is there it seems.

8. The watchman is not telling anything about when they will be back.

9. Is this Sandeep's house? (Asking someone)

10. The road outside the home is full of potholes.

11. Why are you standing outside my house? Whom do you want?

12. The Electric Meter Reader has come to check the reading now. Shall I ask him to come tomorrow?

13. I am unable to find the TV remote. Where did you keep yesterday?

14. Is your TV a Smart TV?

15. We have an Android TV at home.

16. Our TV measures 70 Inch.

17. Someone is knocking the front door for the last two minutes.

18. Our car is parked outside. Shall I park it inside the gate?

19. We have bought a Coffee-table for our Balcony recently. It looks so nice.

20. Have you not gone to the office today? Do you want to sit at home?


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