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2G GSM Mobile Network Evolution History & Timeline Online Test 1


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GSM or 2G or Second Generation are one and the same in telecommunication. GSM Cell radiate cell phone signals from antennas to the subscriber mobile phones. Take this online test or quiz or trivia to know about GSM history and evolution. The quiz asks about the years in history, GSM developments happened.

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1) GSM corresponds to which generation?
2) What is the type signalling between Mobile Station and Base Transceiver Station in a 2G technology?
3) GSM stands for?
4) GSM technology was a standard developed by ?
5) Who developed standards for GSM technology?
6) Data service started or offered by 2G GSM technology is?
7) GPRS stands for ?
8) EDGE stands for?
9) EDGE services are considered as _____ generation services.
10) Which country deployed the first GSM network?
11) The type of switching used in a GSM network is _____?
12) Which is the non European country operator to deploy GSM services?
13) The world's first GSM call was made on?
14) When did FAX, Data and SMS services in GSM network launch?
15) Commercial GPRS enabled handsets or mobiles were launched in ______ year for the first time.
16) Choose frequency band that was chosen to operate a GSM Network?
17) Which is first operator to shutdown 2G or GSM services completely?
18) Cryptographic algorithms used by GSM technology are ______?
19) GPRS Encryption algorithms are ______ ?
20) Which frequency band supports more coverage area in a GSM or 2G network?

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