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2G GPRS Network Architecture or Structure Online Test 1


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This Free Online Test or Quiz or Trivia tests your technical knowledge on GPRS Network Architecture or Structure. A GPRS network provides internet to the Mobile user. Easily attend Job interviews and college exams with these questions.

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1) GPRS stands for?
2) What is the data rate or speed offered by a GPRS connection?
3) GPRS services belong to which generation?
4) Choose a correct abbreviation below.
5) Choose a correct Abbreviation below.
6) Choose a correct Abbreviation below.
7) GPRS is a Connection Oriented service. True/False?
8) GPRS is a Circuit Switched Data (CSD) service. True/False?
9) GPRS uses which unused channels for transportation of Data in general?
10) Type-A Mobile Station supports ________.
11) Type-B Mobile Station supports _______.
12) Type-C Mobile Station supports _______.
13) What is the abbreviation of EDGE?
14) What is the maximum speed offered by an EDGE connection?
15) An EDGE connection is ______?
16) A PCU separates Packet  Switched and Circuit Switched traffic and passes PSD to _______?
17) In a GPRS network, SGSN is the equivalent of ______ system in GSM.
18) What are the functions of a CCU?
19) GPRS Roaming from one SGSN to another SGSN is offered by ?
20) Which is the system in GPRS that connects to External Networks using GTP?
21) What are the functions of SGSN in a GPRS Architecture?
22) What are the functions of GGSN of a GPRS network?
23) A DNS (Domain Name Server) converts Host Name or Website name to _____?
24) A BG(Border Gateway) connects to ______ using Tunneling.
25) Which system in a GPRS architecture collects all Charging (Billing) records for final processing?
26) A GPRS network contains Firewalls to _______?
27) An LIG(Legal Interception Gateway) in a GPRS network provides ________ .

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