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2G GSM Network Architecture or Structure Overview Online Test 2


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Take this free Online Test or Quiz or Trivia on 2G GSM Network Architecture or Structure. GSM Network architecture or structure is about all the systems working to make a cellular call succeed. It covers systems like Mobile Station, BTS, BSS, BSC, MSS, MSC, VLR, HLR, EIR and AUC. You can attend job interviews and college exams easily.

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1) What is the name of the database that stores subscriber information under an MSC and his eligible services?
2) What is the name of a database used mainly that stores information of a subscriber along with eligible services under roaming or another MSC area?
3) Covering area of an MSC is also called ____ ?
4) Usually, VLR contains a copy of data of ______ ?
5) Between VLR and HLR, which one is used mostly allow or bar services to the user?
6) State true or false. The area under one MSC or HLR is also the area under one VLR.
7) Usually, VLR is part of _____ ?
8) As VLR is fast to access, VLR avoids frequent accessing of ________ ?
9) In a GSM architecture, which system provides Authentication and Encryption services?
10) In a GSM architecture, which system stores the IMEI numbers of all working mobile phones under the network?
11) What are the types of lists maintained by EIR (Equipment Identification Register)?
12) Choose a correct statement about EIR list of IMEIs.
13) Mobile calls to or from Fixed Networks (Landlines) are handled by ________ ?
14) Each cell in a GSM network has ?
15) A group of cells in a GSM network has a _________ number.
16) A single MSC or VLR can have many ______ ?
17) Total area served by one network operator is called ______ ?
18) What is DTX or Discontinuous Transmission in a GSM network?
19) Which technique of GSM Architecture tells the mobile to advance it's transmission bursts (data) so that overlap with other bursts may be avoided at channel?
20) Timing Advance (TA) deals with?

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