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2G GSM Network Architecture or Structure Overview Online Test 3


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Take this free Online Test or Quiz or Trivia on 2G GSM Network Architecture or Structure. GSM Network architecture or structure is about all the systems working to make a cellular call succeed. It covers systems like Mobile Station, BTS, BSS, BSC, MSS, MSC, VLR, HLR, EIR and AUC. You can attend job interviews and college exams easily.

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1) What is OSS in a GSM architecture?
2) Choose a correct statement about OSS system in GSM architecture?
3) Radio interface between Mobile Station and BTS is also called _____ ?
4) Power control feature in a GSM network works on the _______ side?
5) Power control feature aims at receiving all bursts of transmission at _______ power level.
6) Discontinuous Reception in a GSM network is aimed at saving __________ power.
7) Discontinuous Reception is implemented with _______ in a GSM network.
8) What is the problem with Multipath traversal of radio signal between a Mobile and a BTS?
9) What is the solution to Multipath traversal of radio signal? Use a ______.
10) The functions of a MSC (Mobile Services Switching Center) are _______?
11) The functions of an MSC are ______?
12) A HLR database contains ________ ?
13) A VLR Database contains _____ data.
14) An Equipment Identity Register (EIR) contains _____ lists.
15) An Authentication Center (AUC) generates ________.
16) For BSS Types 1, 4 and 5, Speech Transcoding unit presents ______ BSC.
17) In BSS Types 2, 6 and 7, Speech Transcoding unit is present ______ BSS.
18) In BSS Type 3, TRAU (Transcoder Unit) or Rate Adapter Unit is present in _____.
19) Transmission bitrate between BSC and MSC is ____ ?
20) What is the transmission bitrate between BTS and BSC?

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