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2G GSM Cellular Frequency Bands Online Test


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Take this free Online test or Quiz or Trivia on 2G GSM Cellular Frequency Bands. Students can easily attend college exams and interviews easily.

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1) What is the Uplink frequency in a GSM system?
2) What is the Downlink frequency in a GSM system?
3) What is an Uplink in a Cellular network?
4) What is a Downlink in a GSM network?
5) What is the frequency band of a DCS - Digital Cellular System?
6) What is the frequency band of PCS (Personal Communication Service) system used in Canada and USA?
7) What is True about any Frequency Band?
8) Most used GSM frequency bands in the U.S are ____?
9) What are the Rural and Urban Frequency bands used for GSM in the US?
10) What are the frequency bands supported by the European Triband Phones?
11) The Quad band phone supporting all four major GSM frequency bands like 850MHz, 1900MHz, 900MHz and 1800MHz is also called ______ phone.
12) The term "Cellular Communication" was introduced by which GSM frequency band?
13) Multiple access technique employed in a GSM network is/are _____?
14) Who developed protocols to implement GSM, GPRS and EDGE services?
15) 3GPP stands for ____?

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