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2G GSM Network Architecture or Structure Overview Online Test 1


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Take this free Online Test or Quiz or Trivia on 2G GSM Network Architecture or Structure. GSM Network architecture or structure is about all the systems working to make a cellular call succeed. It covers systems like Mobile Station, BTS, BSS, BSC, MSS, MSC, VLR, HLR, EIR and AUC. You can attend job interviews and college exams easily.

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1) What are the three main parts of a GSM Architecture or Structure?
2) What are the main parts of a Mobile Station in a GSM Network?
3) What are the main parts of a BSS (Base Station Subsystem) in a GSM network?
4) What are the main parts of a NSS (Network and Switching Subsystem) of a GSM Architecture?
5) What are the main parts of an MSC (Mobile Switching Center) system in a GSM structure?
6) A GPRS Core network is part of System in a GSM Network Structure?
7) A BTS is also called _____ by general public?
8) Each Mobile Terminal is identified by a unique ______ number?
9) IMEI stands for?
10) Each SIM is identified by a unique _____ number?
11) IMSI stands for?
12) Your mobile number is actually called ______ number.
13) IMSI number of a SIM is also called?
14) What controller a group of BTS or Cell Towers?
15) How many digits of PIN (Personal Identification Number) is allowed to protect a SIM card?
16) What is PUK code of a SIM?
17) The only element that personalises a Mobile Station is _______?
18) What is the maximum number of Transceivers a BTS can handle is ?
19) What are the functions of a BSC?
20) What is the main function of NSS?

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