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2G GSM Channels, Types - Architecture or Structure Online Test 2


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This Free Online Test or Quiz or Trivia tests your knowledge on various Channels, their types and their functionalities. These Channels are defined in GSM Architecture or Structure. Each channel has its own function or use. Most of the channels work in Air Interface between a Mobile Station and a BTS (Base Transceiver Station). You can easily clear Job Interview Questions and College exams after taking this test.

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1) Choose a Broadcast channel in GSM Architecture?
2) What ia TRUE about BCCH channel in a GSM structure?
3) Which is the Broadcast channel that tells the MT (Mobile Station) which frequency to use in order to communicate with a BTS?
4) What is TRUE about a SCH channel of GSM Architecture?
5) Which is TRUE about a CBCH channel of a GSM structure?
6) Choose a Common Control Channel below.
7) What is TRUE about a PCH (paging Channel) in a GSM Network?
8) What is the Uplink channel used by a Mobile to request for a Channel?
9) Which is the downlink channel allotted to a Mobile after requesting with a RACH channel?
10) Which is a Full Duplex (both Downlink and Uplink), Point to Point Dedicated Control Channel below?
11) Which is the Dedicated Control channel that is used to transmit Power Control data, Timing Advance (TA) data and other Radio link supervision signalling data?
12) State True or False. SACCH is used to transmit Urgent signalling data like Call setup.
13) What are the functions of a FACCH channel?
14) If FACCH signalling data is transmitted over TCH instead of Traffic data by setting a Stealing Flag, the process is called?
15) What are the functions of the dedicated control channel SDCCH?
16) What is the bitrate of SDCCH channel?
17) CCCH (Common Control Channel) channel contains all ________ channels.
18) The channel BCCH is always defined in which time slot?
19) If there are two TRX in a given Sector or Cell, BCCH is defined on the _______ TRX or frequency.
20) One Burst Period is also called _____.
21) How many timeslots are present in a GSM TDMA frame whose time duration is 4.615ms?
22) What are the TDMA Multi frames used for TCH/H and TCH/F ?
23) A super frame contains _______ TDMA frames with all possible combinations of channels.
24) A Hyper Frame contains ______ TDMA frames, which can be used for Frequency Hopping and Ciphering.
25) What is the duration of a Super Frame?
26) What is the duration of a HYPERFRAME?
27) Choose a method of selecting a Cell (sector) by a Mobile Station in a Multicellular environment.
28) During a phone call, an SMS (Short Message Service) is sent on which GSM Channel?
29) When NO call is in progress (IDLE mode), what is the channel used to send an SMS?
30) What is the problem with sending a huge number of SMS?
31) What is the length of a single SMS in GSM architecture?
32) Which is TRUE about maximum length of an SMS in a GSM network?
33) What is the maximum number of SMS that can be sent to a Mobile in one minute time?
34) What are the SMS categories?
35) All SMS are stored in which system in a GSM Architecture before forwarding to the recipient?
36) To deliver an SMS to a Mobile Station, HLR enquiry is done through which system in GSM network?
37) To deliver an SMS to a Mobile Station, VLR enquiry is done via which system in a GSM Network?
38) Choose a correct flow of SMS from one system to the other in a GSM network.

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