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2G GSM Network Architecture Cell Types Online Test 1


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Take this free Online Test or Quiz or Trivia on 2G GSM Network Cell Types. GSM Network architecture or structure is about all the systems working to make a cellular call succeed. You can attend job interviews and college exams easily.

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1) The area covered by one Transmitter in a GSM network is called _____?
2) What is the maximum distance that a GSM Cell can radiate it's signal?
3) In a GSM network, a Cell radius depends on ________?
4) What are the types of Cells in a GSM network?
5) If an Antenna or Transmitter is mounted on top of a Tower or building, what is the Cell type formed?
6) If an Antenna or Transmitter is mounted at less height on the tower or building, what is the Cell type formed?
7) What is the type of cell that covers only 10-20 meters?
8) What is the type Cell that connects to the Service provider network through a Broadband or Internet connection at a remote village? (Transmission media is internet instead of OFC / Microwave)
9) A Cell that covers already existing small cells is called ____ cell.
10) What is main purpose of Umbrella Cells?
11) The power level of an Umbrella cell compared to inner cells is ______?
12) What do you call an Equipment that Receives and Transmits radio signals?
13) Which type of GSM Cell provides indoor coverage in shopping malls, tunnels and airports?
14) What is a repeater in cellular communication?
15) A GSM technique Timing Advance used by BTS or Base station can _______ Cell radius.
16) A group of Cells is also called ____ ?
17) What is the number of Cells a Cluster contains?
18) What is the reason for using Cluster in a GSM network?
19) When reusing a Frequency, what is the minimum distance (in terms of Diameter of cell) to be followed?
20) What is the need for Frequency Reuse in a GSM network?

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