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2G GSM Channels, Types - Architecture or Structure Online Test 1


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This Free Online Test or Quiz or Trivia tests your knowledge on Various Logical Channels and types used in 2G GSM Structure or Architecture. You can easily clear Job interviews and College exams after taking this test.

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1) What is the total number of Carrier Frequencies that can be formed in a 25MHz band width of either Uplink or Downlink of GSM?
2) What is the spacing between each carrier frequency to avoid interference and crosstalk?
3) In GSM-1800 band, the total number of Carrier Frequencies are ?
4) Each Carrier frequency is divided or shared among _______ number of channels.
5) In a GSM-900 Band, what is the duplex spacing between uplink and downlink channels?
6) In a GSM-1800 Band, what is the duplex spacing between downlink and uplink channels?
7) What is the name of a single transmission burst that lasts for only 0.577ms in a GSM TDMA frame?
8) What is the duration of a GSM TDMA Frame?
9) What are the types of Logical channels in a GSM Structure or Architecture?
10) Broadcasting is a concept of transferring information from _______ to _______?
11) BCCH (Broadcast Control Channel) frequency is also called _________?
12) Majority of the GSM Channels work on ______ interface?
13) The type of information transferred in Traffic Channel (TCH) is ____ ?
14) Choose a Channel that carries Signalling information?
15) What is the other type of information that a TCH channel contain or carry?
16) What is TRUE about a Full Rate TCH channel?
17) What are the data rates of services available in ISDN and other services that can be transmitted in a TCH channel?
18) What is the total bitrate after channel coding in a Half Rate TCH channel?
19) What is the speech rate before coding in a Half Rate TCH channel?
20) Possible data rates in a Half Rate TCH channel are _____ ?

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