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1G Technology For Mobile Communications Overview - Online Test1


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This ExamTray free online practice exam or quiz or trivia tests your knowledge about 1G or First Generation Technology used for mobile communication. You will be tested about the type of 1G networks, modulations used and implemented by which operators across the world.

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1) 1G or First Generation Mobile Network is _____?
2) In a 1G network, the type of communication between Tower ot BTS and Switching Center is ________?
3) Who launched the first commercial 1G network in the world?
4) Which country is still using the 1G network in limited or demo use?
5) Choose a 1G or First Generation Network from the options below.
6) Choose correct abbreviations from the list below.
7) What are main problems in 1G technology?
8) What is the Cell Size or Coverage Area in 1G technology?
9) Modulation technique employed by NMT type 1G network is ______?
10) Modulation technique employed by AMPS 1G network is ______?
11) The process of intercepting analog signals from the phone to tower/BTS, copying ESN number of talking phone to the programmable phone and making calls freely is called _______ problem in a 1G network.
12) DAMPS or Digital-AMPS network ia treated as a ___ network.
13) Choose a 1G network from the list below.
14) The terminology "Cellular" was first used by ______ network.
15) Which mobile network type introduced international roaming on 1G network?

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