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1) Which is the longest railway bridge in the world ? 
A) Lower zambeji  -Africa
B) Chenab rail bridge - India
C) Danyang Kunshan Grand bridge - Shangai
D) Bogibeel bridge - India
Answer [=]
2)  Which is The Longest Ship Canal In The World?
A) Beijing - Hangzhou Grand Canal
B) Panama Canal
C) Suez Canal
D) Corinth Canal
Answer [=]
3) Which is the Longest Mountain Range In the world?
A) Andes (S. America)
B) Rocky Mountains (N. America)
C) Himalayas ( Asia)
D) Transantarctic mountains (Antarctica)
Answer [=]
4) Which is the Longest Epic in the world?
A) Ovid - Metamorphoses
B) The Mahabharata  
C) Virgil - The Aeneid
D) The Epic Of Gilgamesh
Answer [=]
5) Which is the Longest Railway Platform in the world?
A) Kharagpur Station
B) Hubli Junction
C) Kollam Junction 
D) Gorakhpur (U.P)
Answer [=]
6) Which is the Longest Railway in the World?
A) Trans -Siberian Railway
B) Shanghai To Lhasa
C) Toronto To Vancouver
D) Dibrugarh To Kanyakumari
Answer [=]
7) Which is the Longest River In the world?
A) Amazon River
B) Congo River
C) Yellow River
D) Nile River
Answer [=]

8) Which is the Longest River Dam in the World?
A) Bhakra Dam
B) Hirakud Dam
C) Rengali Dam
D) Nagarjuna Sagar Dam
Answer [=]
9) Which is the Longest Train nonstop in the world?
A) Rajdhani Express
B) Vivek Express
C) Trivandrum Express
D) Flying Scotsman
Answer [=]

Flying Scotsman train runs between Edinburgh and London (632 KM).

10) Which is the Iongest and largest Canal Tunnel in the world?
A) Rove Tunnel ( France )
B) Selikan Tunnel
C) Channel Tunnel
D) Gotthard Base Tunnel
Answer [=]
11) Which is the Longest Road Tunnel in the world?
A) Smart Tunnel
B) Seikan Tunnel 
C) Laerdal Tunnel
D) Guadarrama Tunnel
Answer [=]
12) Which is the Longest Wall in the world?
A) Great Wall Of China
B) Walls Of Babylon 
C) Berlin Wall
D) Hadrians Wall
Answer [=]
13) Which is the Longest Corridor in the World?
A) Meenakshi Amman Temple Corridor
B) Iskcon Temple Corridor
C) Rameshwaram Temples Corridor
D) Dakshineswar Kali Temple
Answer [=]

Ramanathaswamy temple in Rameshwaram It has 1000 Pillars

14) Which is the Longest Fresh Water Lake in the World? 
A) Lake Tanganyika
B) Victoria lake
C) Superior lake
D) Caspian Sea lake
Answer [=]

15) Which is the Longest War in the world?
A) Crusades War
B) Apache Mexico Wars
C) Reconquista Wars
D) Beaver Wars
Answer [=]

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