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c programming basics notes


Last Minute C Programming Build Process Tutorial

c program build process infographic

Output of any C Program is converted to an EXE file in Windows Systems so that you can execute the file and get the desired output everytime. In this tutorial we shall teach you what is the meaning of Building a C Program.

Note: Any C program is named with a .C File Name Extension. Usually Editors like Eclipse or Turbo C are used to type a C Program. A C Editor is just like a Notepad software that allows us to Type a new program or edit an existing program. It can not compile or assemble any code.


Last Minute C Programming Preprocessor Directives Tutorial

c preprocessor directives types infographic image

A Preprocessor in a C programming language is a Program that processes source code of a C program, expanding Macro Definitions, File Inclusions and more.

Only through Preprocessor directives, you are able to include library files in your C program.

Preprocessing in C happens before compilation. Part of the Source code is replaced with Preprocessing expressions where ever encountered. So the size of Total code increases before passing to the Compiler.


Last Minute C Programming Format Specifiers and Console IO Tutorial

c format specifiers console io tutorial

C Programming language provides Console IO functions and Format Specifiers to help programmers Read and Write data.

C Format Specifiers and Console IO Functions

There are two types of Input Output Functions.

  1. Console IO
  2. File IO

1. Console IO functions help to read data from Keyboard and Print / Display data to the Monitor.

2. File IO functions help to read data from Files on Disk and Write data to the Disk.


Last Minute C Programming Strings Char Arrays Tutorial

c string char arrays tutorial

String is just like an array of elements of character (char) data type. Every valid string in c programming language must end with a NULL character or '\0'. ASCII value of a NULL character is 48. Without null character at the end, array is just an array of characters but not STRING.

C Strings and Character Arrays

C language provide 'char' data type to hold Alphabets and Special characters. Size of a single character is 1 Byte.