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General English Grammar Verb Correction of Sentences Online Test 6


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This ExamTray Free Online Practice Exam/quiz/Trivia tests your General English Grammar and Vocabulary on Verb Correction of Sentences in the English language. You can clear Government Job Exams, Bank Exams and Railway Exams easily after practice.

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1) If I went to Texas I "would have brought" you the book.
2) If she applied for the job she "will" get it.
3) If you asked me I "would have given" the book to you.
4) She asked me how long you "will" be present.
5) My colleague informed his mother that he "will" be late for dinner.
6) She said that she "will" do it.
7) She thought that he "can" solve the puzzle.
8) He "will" tell you if he knew it.
9) If I had known of his arrival I "would meet" him.
10) She "would pass" if she had worked hard.
11) If it had rained he "would cancel" his journey.
12) If I had warned him he "would be" careful.
13) He "will write" the article by next Sunday.
14) She "will complete" the book by next April.
15) If only I "will" try.

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