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General English Grammar Preposition Correction of Sentences Online Test 2


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This ExamTray Free Online Practice Exam/quiz/Trivia tests your General English Grammar Vocabulary and Verbal Ability on Preposition Correction of Sentences in the English language. Spot errors and fill in the blanks wherever asked. You can clear Government Job Exams, Bank Exams and Railway Exams easily after practice.

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1) Spot errors and correct the sentence if necessary. We got "down" the bus.
2) Spot errors and correct the sentence if necessary. Please sign your name "with" ink.
3) Spot errors and correct the sentence if necessary. Milinda signed her name "with" ink.
4) They listened to the speech "in" the radio.
5) She spoke to him "in" the phone.
6) Simon married "with" Princey in the church.
7) John is married with an Engineer.
8) Billy spends too much money "for" clothes.
9) The secret "in" success lies in hardwork.
10) What is the secret "in" my energy?
11) They fond "in" Bengali Sweets.
12) She fonds "in" chocolates.
13) Latha spends a lot of time "on" her friends.
14) The house is "besides" the temple.
15) Does she like to be "besides" the seaside?
16) Tony learn Japanese "beside" English and Hindi.
17) He did not attend "to" the meeting.
18) The box comprises "of" chocolates.
19) Economics comprises "of" many branches of learning.
20) This pack comprises __ thirty cards.

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