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General English Grammar Verb Correction of Sentences Online Test 2


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This ExamTray Free Online Practice Exam/quiz/Trivia tests your General English Grammar and Vocabulary on Verb Correction of Sentences in the English language. You can clear Government Job Exams, Bank Exams and Railway Exams easily after practice.

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1) The father is loving his son.
2) Why are you disliking him?
3) Is any one knowing where the driver has gone? 
4) Ganga is hating Manga.
5) The dish is smelling sweet.
6) The sun is rising in the east.
7) The moon is going round the earth.
8) The teacher will punish you if you will misbehave.
9) I shall inform you when my uncle will arrive.
10) My uncle will give you a cup of coffee if she will visit him.
11) If she will call him, he will go.
12) You will get the first rank if you will work hard.
13) I shall call you when lunch will be ready.
14) If it will rain, the match will be cancelled.
15) If there will be a clash, we shall be in trouble.
16) We are waiting for the Dean since five.
17) They did not announce the holiday so far.
18) I am sorry that I did not send the courier yet.
19) I did not hear from you for one month.
20) The University did not announce the result so far.

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