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General English Grammar Verb Correction of Sentences Online Test 4


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This ExamTray Free Online Practice Exam/quiz/Trivia tests your General English Grammar and Vocabulary on Verb Correction of Sentences in the English language. You can clear Government Job Exams, Bank Exams and Railway Exams easily after practice.

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1) Correct the sentence if necessary. He was late so he "is" scolded by the teacher.
2) She said that she "is" going to Kerala.
3) He told us that he "is" busy.
4) They thought that he "has cheated" them.
5) I saw a man who "is" thirsty.
6) They asked me how you "are" doing.
7) He said that he "is reading" Science. 
8) She did not see that the vehicle "is coming".
9) I wish you "are" a Scientist.
10) I wish that she "starts" early.
11) It is time that they "start".
12) He would pass if he "works" hard.
13) I would bring you the book if you "request" me.
14) She would punish you if you "come" late.
15) You would do it if you "are" me.
16) As she was a good swimmer she "could swim" ten miles.
17) He worked hard so he "could get" a gold medal.
18) When "have" you "lost" your pencil?
19) When "has" she "taken" the examination?
20) When "has" she "scolded" you?



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