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General English Grammar Verb Correction of Sentences Online Test 3


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This ExamTray Free Online Practice Exam/quiz/Trivia tests your General English Grammar and Vocabulary on Verb Correction of Sentences in the English language. You can clear Government Job Exams, Bank Exams and Railway Exams easily after practice.

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1) Correct the sentence if necessary. They are working in our office since 2005.
2) Correct the sentence if necessary. It is raining since 6 O' clock this morning.
3) She is living in Pune since 1995.
4) How long is he wearing glasses?
5) Syam is waiting here for ten hours.
6) She is working here for the last ten years.
7) She is suffering from fever since Sunday.
8) I am living here for four months.
9) For three days she did not attend classes.
10) Antony lives in Tokyo for four years.
11) She "was knowing" it all along.
12) They "have played" a game last week.
13) He "has written" a letter yesterday.
14) They "have left" for Delhi yesterday.
15) She "has met" Maharshi in 2010.
16) The conductor "comes" and took the fare.
17) Our clerk was not present because he "is" ill.
18) She said that the Physics paper "is" difficult.
19) The Tiger did not eat her because he "is" is a kind Tiger.
20) He knew that his brother "is" coming by train.

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