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Ethernet 802.3 Network Concepts and Topology Online Test


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This ExamTray Free Online Test or Quiz or Trivia tests your knowledge on Ethernet Network concepts and Topology while implementing OSI Reference Model Layers of Computer Networking. This test displays answers after finishing the exam for review. You can easily clear Competitive Exams and Job Interview Questions. Students can clear college internal exams easily.

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1) IEEE stands for ___.
2) Choose the correct IEEE standards used to manage various computer networks.
3) Choose the cables or media used to implement 802.3 ethernet network below.
4) Who designed or invented an Ethernet network for LANs in the year 1973?
5) What is the other name for an Ethernet network?
6) An Ethernet Jack is ___.
7) What is the sped of a 100BaseT cable?
8) Choose the correct Base-T cables and their speeds.
9) Choose the 10-GBase standard cables from the below options that can carry data of 10gbps without loss up to 10km distance.
10) Choose the correct Abbreviations used with 10GBase cables below.
11) Choose the correct abbreviations below.
12) What is the meaning of Carrier Sense in CSMA (Carrier Sense Multiple Access)?
13) What are the advantages of Carrier Sensing?
14) What happens in an Ethernet network implementing CSMA-CD when a collision is detected?
15) CSMA/CA method is best suited for a ___ network.
16) Choose the topologies used in a LAN network below.
17) In a ___ topology, all the nodes or stations are connected to a main central cable.
18) In ___ topology, all the nodes are connected like a ring when drawn pictorially on a paper.
19) In a ___ topology, the nodes or stations of a network are connected to a central hub or server.
20) A group of STAR topology networks connected to a BUS like a cable form or create the ___ topology as a whole.
21) Which is a network topology that is easy to build?
22) A RING network topology is costly to build and difficult to maintain. State TRUE/FALSE.
23) Which is the network topology that is prone to bottlenecks though easy to install?
24) A STAR network topology offers high bandwidths over long distances. State TRUE/FALSE.
25) Which is not an ethernet topology below?
26) Advantages of an Ethernet network are ___.
27) What are the disadvantages of an Ethernet Network?
28) What are the other collision detection and recovery methods used along with Ethernet?
29) Which are the collision free methods/technologies used to access the Medium Access Control (MAC)?
30) What are the parts of An Ethernet Frame?
31) An Ethernet header contains ___ as the first two fields.
32) The Frame Check Sequence (FCS) of an Ethernet Frame is a ___ code.
33) Each Frame in an Ethernet packet starts with a ___.
34) There is no separate Frame ending sequence in an Ethernet Packet after each frame. State TRUE/FALSE.



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