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Computer Networking Basics Online Test 2


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This ExamTray Free Online Test or Quiz or Trivia tests your knowledge on Computer Networking Basics and concepts. It covers LAN, WAN and MAN networks. This test displays answers after finishing the exam for review. You can easily clear Competitive Exams and Job Interview Questions. Students can clear college internal exams easily.

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1) A LAN (Local Area Network) can cover a distance of ___ KM.
2) Mutiple LANs can be connected to form a single MAN (Metropolitan Area Network). State TRUE/FALSE.
3) Cost of owning a LAN network over a WAN or MAN is __.
4) To form a WAN or MAN network, public networks can be used in between. State TRUE or FALSE.
5) The types of transmission channel or media used for LAN or WAN are __.
6) Which cable between Twisted-Pair-Cable (TPC) and Coaxial-Cable (CC) work for transmitting data to more distances?
7) Cable TV network cables laid till your are house are __ cables.
8) Which trasmission media is easy to install inside a city to create a network quickly?
9) A simple WIFI modem forms a __ wireless network.
10) Which is the transmission media that can carry huge data to large distances with less delay or latency?
11) Which type of network supports transmitting voice, video and data?
12) WAN or MAN may also contain __ in between to complete the network.
13) If a WAN is wholly owned by a single company including all intermediate links, it is called a __ network.
14) The largest WAN existing on this earth is ___.
15) The technologies used in a WAN network are __.
16) The main hardware used to access a LAN resource is __.
17) The three main services used in a LAN are __.
18) Choose a LAN operating system from the below list.
19) A Hub and Switch are __ devices.
20) Choose a WAN device from the below list.
21) A network Hub is a device that transmits or copies the same packet too  __ ports except the receiving port at that instance.
22) A network hub works at __ layer of OSI reference model.
23) A network Switch works more or like a Hub except that it ___ packets to destination device and filters forwarding to remaining ports or devices.
24) A network switch usaully uses __ to determine the destination device before forwarding a packet.
25) A network switch works at __ layer of a OSI reference model.
26) A network Gateway device converts one protocol to another protocol to connect two __ LAN networks or simply networks.
27) A network Bridge device connects two or more networks to form a ___ LAN network.
28) A network bridge device works at __ layer of OSI reference model.
29) A network Router device connects two or more ___ networks.
30) A network Router works at a __ layer of an OSI reference model.



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