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Data Link Control Layer of OSI Reference Model Online Test 2


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This ExamTray Free Online Test or Quiz or Trivia tests your knowledge on Data Link Control Layer of OSI Reference Model Layers of Computer Networking. This test displays answers after finishing the exam for review. You can easily clear Competitive Exams and Job Interview Questions. Students can clear college internal exams easily.

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1) A Data Link Layer converts a packet of data into __ finally.
2) The two sub-layers of a Data Link layer are ___.
3) Which is the sub-layer that accepts frames from the upper layer that is Network Layer?
4) The functions of a Logical Link Layer (LLC) are ___.
5) The types of data services offered by an LLC (Logical Link Control) layer are ___.
6) Which is the layer that is responsible for sharing the physical media (transmission medium) among many computers or devices?
7) Every Computer or an Internet device has a unique MAC address. State TRUE/FALSE.
8) The types of Medium Access Control are ___.
9) The modes of a MAC to share a transmission medium are ___.
10) In Round-robin mode of MAC, each station gets ___ priority whether access to the medium is needed or not.
11) In Reservation mode of MAC, each station in the network ___ a time slot for a finite or infinite amount of time to access the shared medium.
12) In a contention mode of MAC implementation, each station in the network ___ data at the same time whether a collision occurs or not.
13) In a Contention mode of MAC implementation, different stations can have different priorities set by the admin. State TRUE/FALSE.
14) The contention mode of MAC implementation is best suited for __ traffic.
15) A Token Ring implementation works on the __ mode.
16) The physical address to each machine is provided by which layer in an OSI reference model?
17) Choose the Protocols working in the Data Link Control Layer of OSI model below.
18) Choose the Protocols used in the Data Link Control layer of OSI model below?
19) Which is the protocol that maps varying IP addresses to the Physical MAC Address of a machine in a LAN network?
20) Which protocols adopted the standards of HDLC (High-Level Link Control) protocol?
21) The Dial-up connections to access the internet uses ___ protocol.
22) Home broadband connections that work on DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) use ___ protocol.



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