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Computer Networking Basics Online Test 1


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This ExamTray Free Online Test or Quiz or Trivia tests your knowledge on Computer Networking Basics and concepts. This test displays answers after finishing the exam for review. You can easily clear Competitive Exams and Job Interview Questions. Students can clear college internal exams easily.

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1) A Computer network consists of __ number of computers or servers or systems.
2) A computer network may contain __.
3) The purpose of a computer network is ___.
4) The types of communication media used to connect different computers of a network are ___.
5) The categories of a Computer network based on the area of coverage are __.
6) The computer networks classified based on the functionality are ___.
7) In a peer to peer computer networking architecture, each computer acts as a ___.
8) In a Peer to Peer network architecture, all computers have equal priority. State TRUE/FALSE.
9) In a peer to peer network, who controls the devices?
10) Advantages of a Peer to Peer computer network are __.
11) Disadvantages of a Peer to Peer computer network are __.
12) A server is a ___ that controls a number of computers and also has full control over the network.
13) In a Client-Server computer network or architecture, all nodes can __ data.
14) Which network is highly secure between a Peer-to-Peer or a Client-Server?
15) In a Client-Server network architecture, the main data or files are stored on the __.
16) Choose the correct statements about a Client-Server networking model.
17) Which is the computer network that covers a small area like a room, building or a campus?
18) Which is the network that can cover an entire city?
19) Which is the network that covers large geographical area like more than one city?
20) Which network is bigger between a MAN and WAN?



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