Java Basics Certification Online - LEVEL 2

This Java Basics Certification is Free of Cost and offered Online. You need to complete all chapters or exams online one after another. In the end, you can claim your CERTIFICATION copy.

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Difficulty: Medium

Duration: 25 to 30 days

Java Basics Certification Online - LEVEL 2

List of chapters to be completed step by step are as follows.

Basics Introduction 1

Basics Introduction 2

Program Syntax

Primitive Data Types

Literals or Constants 1

Literals or Constants 2

Type Casting

Arithmetic Operators

Relational Operators

Logical Operators 1

Logical Operators 2

Bitwise Operators 1

Bitwise Operators 2

Ternary Operator

IF ELSE Statements

SWITCH Statements


Arrays and Multidimensional Arrays


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