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telecommunication interview questions and answers


2G GPRS Network Architecture MCQ Questions and Answers 1

Study these MCQ Questions and Answers on 2G GPRS Network Architecture or Structure. GPRS facility is nothing but an internet facility. There are various systems with distinct functionalities. GPRS is part of GSM network specifications. You can easily clear Job Interviews and College exams with these Objective questions. You can download these questions as a PDF. Just click Print and Choose Print to PDF option in any web browser.


2G GSM Structure / Architecture Interfaces MCQ Questions and Answers 1

Study or learn these MCQ Questions and Answers on various Interfaces of 2G GSM Structure / Architecture. Interfaces are Protocols that allow communication from one system to the other. There are many Systems in GSM Architecture like MS, BSS, MSS, BSC, MSC, HLR, VLR, EIR, GMSC, AuC, GGSN, SGSN and more. Attend Job interviews and college exams using these Multiple Choice Questions.