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General Knowledge Indian Monuments - 1


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This ExamTray Online Exam or Quiz tests your General Knowledge on Monuments of India.

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1) Where the Bishnupur Group of Temples is located in India.
2) Gwalior Fort is located in _____________.
3) Where is Gol-Gumbaz located.
4) Where is Rock Cut Caves located in Karnataka State.
5) Leh Palace is located in ______________.
6) Where is Kangra Fort located in India.
7) Rani-Ki-Vav is located in________________.
8) Where is located Jantar Mantar in India.
9) Where is located 'Four storied Rock-cut Hindu Temple' in Andhra Pradesh.
10) Where is located 'Shershah Suri's Tomb in India.
11) Where is Karanghar Palace located  in India.
12) Fatehpur Sikri is located in___________.
13) Where is located 'Kotla Feroz Shah' in India.
14) Where is Akbar's Tomb located in India.
15) Where is Golconda Fort located in India.
16) Where is Dindigul Fort located in India.
17) Chittaurgarh Fort is located in _________________.
18) Where is Sun Temple located.
19) Where are located Ajanta and Ellora Caves.
20) Where is Elephanta Caves located.



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