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General Knowledge Geographical Sobriquets - 1


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This Online exam tests your General Knowledge on Geographical Sobriquets around the world like Nicknames of Cities and Countries.

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1) Which city is called as Pink City.
2) Laos is also called as_____________.
3) Chicago city is also called as__________.
4) Which Place is also called as Land of Rising Sun.
5) Africa is also called as_____.
6) New York City also called as___________.
7) Scotland is also called as_______.
8) Which place is also called as Holy Land.
9) Stockholm is also called as _____________.
10) Which City is also called as 'City of Golden Gate'.
11) Which Mountain is also called as Roof of the World.
12) What is the Surname of Punjab.
13) Which place is also called as 'Playground of Europe'.
14) 'Hwang Ho' River is also called as________.
15) Which place is also called as Sugar bowl of the World.
16) Kolkata is also called as_________.
17) Which River called as Bengal's Sorrow.
18) Which place also called as Blue Mountains.
19) Rome City is also called as______.
20) Which place is also called as Gift of the Nile.



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