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General Knowledge Agriculture Poultry Farming Online Test 1


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This Examtray online exam tests your General Knowledge on Agriculture Poultry Farming like raising of birds domestically or commercially in large scale for meat and eggs.

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1) Which is a bird or animal that is raised in largest scale in the world.?
2) Who is the mother of Broiler Poultry Farming.?
3) What are the type of Chicken Poultry Farming.?
4) Broiler Poultry Farming is mainly aimed at.?
5) Layer Poultry Farming is mainly aimed at.?
6) Which Vitamin deficiency is the main problem for Poultry Farming Birds in Winter.?
7) Which is the chemical that improves brain mental state after eating Chicken.?
8) Chicken is also called _ _ _ meat.?
9) White meat is low in_ _ _ ?
10) What is the ideal temperature for hatching eggs.?
11) Choose a correct statement about Chicken.?
12) Which is the oldest animal or bird domesticated by humans.?
13) What is a male chicken called.?
14) What is a female chicken called.?
15) What is the oldest chicken family endemic to Africa.?
16) Which is the closest and look alike ancestor to present generation Poultry Chickens.?
17) What is the main ingredient of chicken feed that contributed to increased weight in chickens to almost 3 times.?
18) What is the idea suggested by Bill Gates to get over Extreme Poverty in Africa.?
19) What is the name for Yellow part of Egg.?
20) Where is Chicken dung or manure is used in.?
21) A Rooster is also called ____ ?
22) Younger female chickens are also called ___.
23) In the poultry industry, a female chicken is called a HEN after ___ weeks when it is ready to lay eggs.
24) How many days are required to turn an Egg into a Chicken in Poultry Hatcheries?
25) What is the technique used to hatch chickens without birth defects during 18-21 days?
26) State TRUE or FALSE. Chickens are affected by Chickenpox disease.
27) Which is a deadly disease affecting chickens causing a mass extinction?
28) The popular Barbecue Chicken is cooked with ____?
29) Which is the biggest organ of a Chicken?
30) Chicken meat usually contains ___ grams of Protein in 100gram sample.
31) A healthy egg-laying Hen can produce eggs every ___ hours?
32) What is the temperature up to which raw chicken should be boiled or fried to kill any bacteria or virus?
33) What is the cooking temperature of Egg after which it is safe for eating?
34) What is the main technique followed to force Layers (Egg-laying chickens) to continue laying eggs for more number of days in a stretch?
35) State TRUE or FALSE. A brown colour egg is more Nutritious than a white egg.
36) What is the temperature of an Egg at the time of laying by hen?
37) An egg dropped inside a water glass sinks immediately. The egg is ____?
38) Eggs are measured in ____ ?
39) A Candlelight test is used to measure ___ of an egg by Incubator maintainers.
40) After how many days does a Candle Light test tells us about Chicken being formed inside an Egg?



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