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4G LTE LTE-A Pro (Long Term Evolution Advanced Pro) Basics - Online Test 1


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Take this free Online-Test or Quiz or Trivia on the Basics of 4G network namely LTE (Long Term Evolution), LTE-Advanced & LTE-A-Pro. You can easily clear Job interviews and College exams after taking this mobile technology quiz.

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1) What does LTE stands for?
2) Though LTE is treated as a 4G (Fourth Generation) network, it is actually a ___ generation technology as it does not meet expectations.
3) What is the Access technique used by an LTE or LTE-A network?
4) What does OFDMA stands for?
5) What is the carrier Bandwidth in a typical 3G WCDMA based network?
6) The Air interface or Radio interface of a 4G LTE network is ____ as a 3G network.
7) ITU stands for ___.
8) IMT-A (International Mobile Telecommunications Advanced) is _____.
9) What is the name of a Base Transceiver Station in 2G system equivalent in a 4G LTE system?
10) The Evolution-Data Optimized Voice (EVDV) based 4G networks are according to ___ standards. (3GPP / 3GPP2)
11) What is the other name for a 3GPP2 based 4G network?
12) UMB 4G networks are superseded by ___ networks.
13) What does WIMAX stands for?
14) What are the advantages of a 4G LTE network over 3G network?
15) What does MIMO stand for?
16) What is the round trip latency between a Mobile phone and Base station in a 4G LTE network?
17) What does AAS represent in a UMB (Ultra Mobile Broadband) based 4G network?
18) What is the name given to a 4G LTE or UMB based Core Network Architecture?
19) What are the differences between FDM and OFDM?
20) Initial 4G LTE standard supported Carrier Aggregation. State TRUE or FALSE.



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